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Thursday, December 25, 2008

I am not ALONE...

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I admitted my mistakes. I know where I went wrong. I do know exactly the reason it became like that. I will definitely never repeat the same mistakes!!! I need to struggle like hell this time. I won’t play. I won’t join anything except doing my duty. I will achieve my target. I promise to not let those people who believe in me down anymore. I guess I can’t stand the guilt in me. Thanks for helping me. For showing me that, there’s a way to fix it. As I promise to you and to myself...I will keep it. I’ll never repeat the same mistakes!!!! I am full of motivation now!! But I’m still the one that you know before. I never change. Wish me luck 4 my new mission!! If I forgot, do remind me. Mad at me, I dun mind, as long as I’m in the right track!! I need a second chance...please God!! Make me strong!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm falling to pieces....

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I don’t know why but I feel like giving up for everything. Why I can motivate myself? Why can’t I think positive at this time? I really need to find myself back. I think I’m losing myself. I forgot who I am. I’m so sick of myself right now!!!!! God!! This secret really brings me down. I can’t tell anyone about it. Not even my sisters or my friends, and not even my parents. I really don’t know what to do. I wish I can fix it just like that, but I can’t!! I just can’t!! I’ve made a mistake and I’m too afraid to admit it. I tried not to think about it too often, but it keeps coming and I can’t control it!!!! I really need to tell s’one about it, and let them mad n lecture me for the whole weeks and wish that they will forgive me and helping me to stand up! (But I guess, it will never happen). I am afraid, I am afraid that as soon as they know about it they will hate me. Oh god!! Please show me the way. I really don’t know what to do. I’m totally not myself right now. I hate myself like this!! I really hate it!!! Only if, I can turn back time.....I really need a second chance....please, make me strong.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hoping For Tomorrow...

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I am so stupid, crying at the shopping complex. Gosh!!!! I hate this feeling. I thought today supposed to be a great day. But then it turns sooooooooooooo like crap!!!! I hate it every time he does that!! I really hate it, it hurt so much ok...God, Plz make me strong. I’m so sad until I don’t know where to found the item that I want to buy, eventhough, I’ve been here like thousand times!!! But then my lil sis keeps following me. I know she knows that I was crying. She understands what I felt and try to comfort me. Actually, I tried my best to hold my tears, until she came. Yeah...lucky me no one there when I was crying (so....childish..) Then my mom....owwhhh....(mom I know that you’re lying about ‘it’, it’s ok...I can understand it, ur too sweet you so much!!). I have to be strong. Yeah!!!! I should laugh now...out loud! (Forget about it....please...). But why I’m still crying.....maybe I should sleep. Yeah...I have to sleep...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Think of AEON?

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Did you see that picture?? It’s my Sis, Along first business card!!!! She got it on her 1st day at work as an Officer in Customer Service unit at AEON Bukit Indah, JB!! She’s working already. Hahahh!!! Of course I went there. Watching her handled customers could be fun. At first, she didn’t notice us (me, uda, achiq n my dad). So, we were just watching her doing her things. At that time, she had a customer. I felt like laughing to see how she handled the customer. But I hold it. If she noticed that we were watching her, trust me, she will be shy. Ahhaa. You know what, she also have her own desk and computer!!! I’m so proud of her. If you want to apply for AEON Crdt/Personal loan, contact my sister. Do you want to know more of what AEON got to offer? I’ll tell you.

1. Personal Loan – U can apply this loan in with your net salary as low as RM800 and above. When you’re applying, bring together with you, your I/C, payslip for 3 months and Account statement OR account book.

2. Credit Card (3 choices and 2 type)
a) Jusco Credit Card – Specification: You’ll get point every time you spend in Jusco.rm1 for 1point.Gold type - your salary must be RM3000 and above
Classic type - your salary must be RM1,500 and above
b) AEON Credit Card
Gold type - your salary must be RM3000 and above
Classic type - your salary must be RM1,500 and above
c) Cruize Credit Card – Specification: If you have an accident (vehicle), they will support you from A to Z (Everything). They link to the AAM.
Gold type - your salary must be RM3000 and above
Classic type - your salary must be RM1,500 and above
Note that, this Credit Card’s interests are the lowest one compare to others. It is as low as 0.8% and the crdt card limit is up tp RM20,000!!!

3. Insurance (Two type)
a) Income Shield – Whatever happened to you that is not caused by a crime.
b) Cash Shield – Whatever happened to you that is caused by a crime
Hence, if you or your family members are interested, u can come to the office and get a better explanation from the Aeon staffs. Step by at:
AEON Bukit Indah Shopping Centre
Lot S29, Second Floor
07-2367769 (office)
016-7366688 (Siti Khadijah – let’s see how much she can help you)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Movie Night : Yes Man

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Last night, I’ve watched a movie with my dad n my lil sis Achiq. At first, we really don’t know what to watch. Achiq suggested us to watched ‘Histeria’. I don’t really into ‘malay’ movie though, so, I said ”Hey, y dun we try to watch ‘Yes Man’!! It’s must be funny, it’s Jim Carey though”. So my dad agreed with me n so my lil sis. (I really want to laugh out loud..). So, the story started. There are only a few people in the cinema that time (late night tickets). You knoe what, I laugh like crazy. I admit it that I enjoy myself!! (I’m pretty sure the others ‘enjoy’ it too..). At least I’m laughing at the funny part ok. No fence. U knoe what, u should try it too. Watching funny movie n laugh like no one’s around!

The synopsis:
Yes Man is a comedy movie starring Jim Carrey. He plays as Carl Allen, a very depressed man who always says no to everything. Everything changes when he signs up for a self-help program based on one simple principle: say yes to everything…and anything. At first, unleashing the power of “yes” transforms Carl’s life in amazing and unexpected ways, but he soon discovers that opening up his life to endless possibilities can have its drawbacks. Want to know more? You better watch it.
U know what, this story really get me an idea. Why don’t we try to challenge ourselves by saying “yes” to every possibilities that’s rational (try it for a week). Sure we will enjoy it!! Hahha!! I didn’t mean to anything, I mean anything that is rational (don’t get me wrong). So people, enjoy ur life n have a great weekend!!

Marriage Agreement

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Ayah aku kahwin 4. Memang aku akui, aku mempunyai sebuah keluarga yang besar. Adik beradik aku aje dah mencecah 14 org + 1 ank angkat (I assume she’s my lil sis). Banyakkan!! Tau tak per. Tp ak bersyukur kerana perhubungan ak dan ibu2 ku yg lain sangat rapat. Ayah aku merupakan seorg bapa dan suami yang bertanggungjawab dan adil (I’m so proud of him). Tp, ibuku yg no2 (mama) ni agak unik. Hahha...(maybe dia ada wayar shot kat kepala dia). Dia minta cerai (sebab terpaksa ak sembunyikan). Ak x lah ambil peduli sgt kat mama ni, yg aku kisahkan sekarang nie, adik2 aku tue!! Seperti yg kita tahu, jika berlaku sesuatu perceraian, hak penjagaan anak mmg terletak pd si isteri dan suami hanya boleh melawat (This is what happen now). Ayah aku, x mo ceraikan mama, sebab dia mahukan anak2. Paling menyedihkan hati aku, dah lah ayah aku x dpt tgk anak dia lgsg plus, mama minta pula tuntutan2 yg tidak munasabah (pd ak lah..). Tp jgn risau, kes ni blum ada ending lg, still dlm proses...abuya still tidak mahu ceraikan mama. Bila aku fikir sejenak, hidup bermadu mmg satu dugaan (ak x sanggup dimadukan...hell no..). Oleh itu, ak terfikir utk buat surat perjanjian perkhawinan menyatakan :

1. Bakal suami ak x blh kahwin dua kecuali ak mandul, jika tidak jatuh talak 1 pd ak.
2. Sekiranya suami aku curang, 70% harta pencarian adalah milik aku dan sebaliknya.
3. Jika ak curang, hak penjagaan anak2 terletak pd suami sepenuhnya dan sebaliknya.
4. Sesiapa yg curang hendaklah keluar dr rumah yg didiami (x termasuk dlm 70%)
Antara yang penting lah. Byak lg ak nak listkan, tp cukuplah sekadar yg ini sahaja dulu.

Adakah perjanjian ini terlalu kejam atau kebudak-budakkan?? Adakah ia munasabah? Perlukah ia dimasa hadapan?

B.e.s.t.f.r.e.n.d or P.r.i.n.c.e C.h.a.r.m.i.n.g??

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Mari kita sama2 fikirkan topic ini ya. Tetiba persoalan ini bermain diminda nie ha.
Kamu sudah lama kenal akan si A. Kamu dan A adalah teman rapat. Segala masalah, buruk dan baik kamu amat difahami si A. Tp pada masa yg sama, kamu turut meminati si B dalam diam. Pada kamu, si B adalah Prince Charming kamu. Tetapi, kamu x tahu sama ada si B turut meminati kamu atau pun tak. Sampailah suatu hari, si B meluahkan perasaan pd kamu. Kamu beritahu pada si A, si A turut meluahkan perasaannyer yg selama ini dipendam pd kamu. Hati kamu mengakui, kamu sukakan mereka berdua. Seorg adalah Bestfrend kamu, manakala lg sorg adalah Prince Charming kamu. Tapi kamu sukakan kedua2 nyer.
Persoalannyer, siapakah yg kamu pilih dan kenapa??

Monday, December 15, 2008

Control Your Anger

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Sometimes, when there is a lot of trouble we facing in one day, we will get mad and depress. Especially, when we get fight with someone that are closed to us. We might think that they don’t understand us. Then, things will get messy. Believe me, It will. I got some tips to share with you, which can make you control your anger.
1: Sleep. This is a very good way. I always sleep when I’m angry at someone. You might think that it is hard for you to sleep when you not in a good mood right? Well, if I can sleep, so are you. When, you wake up from your sleep, your mind will be clear. You can think positive. At least, your decisions are not base on your emotional only, but rational too.

2: Music. Listen to the music that you like the most. Turn it on out loud n sing!! Let all your anger out together with your sing. It’s so much better. You clear your mind already. If you feels like you want to cry, just crying. Don’t acting strong and hold it. You will just torture your feeling. Believe me, when you done crying, you’ll fell much more release.

3: Take a walk. It is very effective to control your anger. When we go for a walk, we will see a lot of thing around us. If you in the park, you’ll see flowers and green scenery. It took your focus already. At least you make yourself comfortable. After you feel tired, sit and think. Trust me, you’ll find a way for the problem.

This is what I always do. I can’t express my anger to my friend. Because, when I’m mad, all the dirty talks will come out. I’m afraid that, they will misunderstand it. The truth is I didn’t mean it at all. I just mad. So, try to control your anger with my way. Then, you’ll be just fine. GOOD LUCK!!

How To Be Single And Happy....

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One of my besties asks me this question. Since I’m an expert, I will share it with you all.

1st: Think Positive. No matter how bad your situations are, try to think positive. There is always a solution for a problem. At least, I believe in that. If you have a problem, try to solve it quickly. If it is a small matter like, someone talks bad about you, just leave it. It doesn’t worth your attention at all. When they tired, they will stop. Trust me, I know.

2nd: Be Independent. Friends are not everything. You can survive without them. Don’t rely on friends too much. Try to do your work on your own. Let them find you, not you find them. All your secrets, don’t tell others. Just write it on your diary. Or you can tell it to your sisters or any family members that you’re closed with. They can be trusted.

3rd: Smile. Start your day with a smile. Its makes your day turns much happier. It is you, who can make your day wonderful. Not others. When you see other people, smile to them. You already made their day happy too. This is one of the ways to gain people attention in a silent way. I always do that. Since, I’m not that talkative.

4th: Honest. Be honest to yourself. Treat yourself well. If you think that you can’t take it, stop immediately. If you think you can, try your best to maintain it. I always do that, if I think my heart hate it, I’ll leave it. But, if my heart loves it, I’ll keep it well. Good in choosing friends.

5th: Confident. It is very important. You must always confident. Trust yourself that you can do it! No matter how hard it is, believe that you can do the best! Be confident in everything you do. Then you’ll be alright. Believe that, tomorrow will be better than today. Don't forget to start your day with a smile.

May God bless you all. Appreciate what you have in life. Nothing last forever.


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Oh God!!!! I love Chocolate.....especially Dark Chocolate from Vochelle. Here is the tips. If you really have no idea what to give me for my birthday, just give me chocolate. It would be just perfect!!


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Hey...I find this coffee art are pretty cool you know...

Why don't you try to impress your beloved one with this kind of stuff...

Sweeeeet don't you think?
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