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Monday, March 26, 2012

'My Little Heartbeat'

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Iyep, I have so many heartbeats already in my family and fortunately now I have the little one. Hahhaaa…

Introduction: I am extremely happy and still in a middle of believing the news brought by the doctor. The thing is, when the doctor show me what’s going on in my tummy, it got me into tears. Cry baby didn’t I. Hahhaaa…well, simply said it’s a new experience for me.

The Situation: So what I missed my period this month. Doesn’t seem such a big problem to certain people is it? Coz there’s still two more weeks left for this month, it could be I’m having my period at the fourth week of March?! Hmmm… one knows about one’s self better than you do, someone said. Meanwhile, at the time I’m having this thought that my period is delayed, I do experiences few things like having a swing mood (Poor my hubby, I’m always find thing to fight with him), my craving to certain food feel like so weird! It just that, whenever I felt hungry, my brain automatically pops up certain food that is not my regular order before!! Hahah!!! The most importantly, my breast feels hurt (honestly).

The methods: So, it got me thinking that I might be pregnant!!! But, how come!!! We’ve been planning all this time (without me taking any pills). Maybe we got careless this month. Hahhahahha!!! So, I tell to my moms and she asked me to see the doctor. But, I need to be sure about it first, so I ask my hubby to buy me the UPT (Urine pregnancy test). It stated there that it’s a 99.9% accurate. So, I give it a try.

Hypothesis: If the UPT shows 2 red line means I’m pregnant.

Results: I close my eyes after I put the test on, after 10 seconds I opened my eyes back. Honestly, I hope there are two lines! So, I get what I wish for, the result gave me two red lines! I was happy so much and showing my UPT test around the house ignoring the fact that it’s my urine there. Hahahhahahah!!!

Conclusion: the next morning, I wake up with smile in my face. Me and my hubby went to the nearer hospital (Larkin). So, when I get there (First experience), they send me to the pregnancy registration unit. So, I tell the nurse my story, and she said “If the UPT shows 2 line, you are pregnant”. So she open a book for me. This book I have to carry for 9 month. They took my blood for test, check my blood pressure, my weight, my height, my urine again to be tested, they did thalassemia screening etc. It’s a long process but it’s ok. Coz I need to hear the word from the doctor, coz all the process is just the beginning.

The last process is when they send me to see the doctor. The doctor asking me about my last period so, I said I forget about it. Then he decided to do the IUGS. I was so nervous. I hope I can see something in my tummy. I don’t know, maybe I am ready to be a mom. Well, the ‘Gojes’ one at least. HAHHAHA…
But then, there you are. Small ‘little bean’ stuck in my uterus. Hahahha!! Skema ya’ll. It got me into tears. I was extremely happy, but the doctor really spoil it though, he said it’s too early, too small, he can’t tell how old is my pregnancy. I just don’t care. It is officially proved that I am PREGNANT!!

So, he said, my pregnancy might be between 1 to 2 weeks old. He assigned 3rd May 2012 for me to come again to check on my pregnancy age. He gave me folic acid to be take one for every day after a meal. Fuh, what a process!! I can’t hide my feeling!! So I spread the good news to all my others heartbeats and friends to share my happiness. Uit…what about my hubby? He can barely stand!!! Hahahhahahah!!! He was in surprise. We were in surprise, but he never expected to be a father this soon! Hahhaha!! So, honey, we gonna have a very cute little eyes baby soon this year. Work harder than before!! Hahhahahha!!!

Discussion: I need to buy a new dress and pans. The nurse said I have to! I need a new flat shoes too. Other than that, I need to maintain my nutrition intake. So, the doctor said there’s no need for me to take any supplement. Just finished my folic acid pills, drink a lot of water and milk for a pregnant woman, eat a lot of vegetables (green one) etc. DO NOT eat Maggie and any MSG stuff like snek or something. Noted.

Recommendation: If you’re married, then you missed your period, do the UPT test ASAP. The soon you detect the better for your preparation. Consider myself as the lucky one. To the husband, your wife will find a thing to fight with you, so be patient and treat her with more love and care so that she can mad at you and smile at you at the same time. My hubby is a funny person, he always do things that will make me laugh even though I’m so mad at him. I miss him already. Come home soon.
I'm A Happy Mother-To-Be!
P/s: To my ‘Little Heartbeat’, It’s gonna be a GREAT year for us! Now I’m not alone, wherever I go, you will always with me. We will do this together. So, grow well and be healthy. I will see you again in May alright.
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