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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kenapa GIRL fight=CAT Fight?

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Pernah tak korang terfikir, tiap kali orang pompuan gadoh jer, orang laki pun cakap:

“Hmmm….cat fight…”

Eh, kenapa tetiba nak samakan orang pompuan dengan kucing? Nak kata pompuan comel2 macam kucing ke? Tapi….Hamster pun comel jugak. Arnab pun comel. Tapi kenapa kucing juga yg ditabalkan? Kenapa?

Why not people said it as a Hamster fight! Or Rabbit fight!! Hmmmm….Dugong fight kerrr…hahhahahah!!!! Ok, aku karut.

Bila aku tanya Mr. Google, dia cakap:
“Catfight is a term for an altercation between two women, typically involving scratching, slapping, hair-pulling, and shirt-shredding as opposed to punching or wrestling”
Sebabkan aku tak ada benda lain nak buat, aku pun sengaja suka2 google translatekan kata-kata Mr. Google tadi kepada bahasa melayu:
“Catfight adalah istilah untuk perbalahan antara dua wanita, biasanya melibatkan mencakar, menampar, menarik rambut, dan mencarik baju bertentangan dengan menumbuk atau gusti”
So, seriously aku rasa nak gelak baca statement ni. HAHAHAHHAHHAH!!

Tapi mmg typical apa…...kalau orang pompuan gaduh memang dorang suka main tarik2 rambut....Haaa…kau tampar aku, aku tampar kau balik, sambil mulut tak abis2 kata:

“Amik kau..amik kau….*^*&&^$%$#@&”
Lepas settle gaduh, memasing pergi manicure untuk buat balik kuku yang dah tercabut masa tampar-menampar tadi, pastu pergi salon setting rambut yang dah serabai kena tarik2 tadi.

Tapikan, korang tak rasa ke pompuan sekarang ni dah maju. Sejak citer IP Man ditayangkan, dah ramai pompuan pandai Kung fu beb!! Sejak ‘The Rock’ jadi superstar, ramai pompuan suka wrestling! Fuhhh!! Nampaknya, pompuan sekarang makin kebal seyhhh!!!

Apa yang aku nak sampaikan dalam entry ni pun aku tak sure. Cuma tetiba istilah ‘Catfight’ pop up dalam minda yang dah nak beku ni. So, beware to all boys out there. Think twice before you broke a girl’s heart. Kalau dulu korang mungkin akan menerima satu tamparan maut. Tapi kini korang akan terima ini……
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boredom Experiments!

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Ever since the doctor suspect that I have a high blood pressure, he became extremely insist for not letting me work part-time anymore. According to him, because of my lack of sleep and rest, plus with the stress cause me sick. So, he wanted me to stay at home and rest. In return, he will take care of everything that are relate to me, of course. Indeed, I’m glad that he is here, beside me (like the old time).

So, my routine such a lazy routine!! I refused to clean my house, because it is my brother that makes the mess and that brat, need to be discipline somehow. So, I’m gonna watch and see. Ah!! Forget about him.

After I’ve been thinking (deeply, hardly) on my activities during this holiday break, I got an idea!! That now is the perfect time for me to fix all my tired unhealthy skin back! So, I do some research on the internet about some stuff and here is what my experiments gonna be.
According to the internet, in order for us to get a natural red lip is by applying ginger on it! So, I decided to do it every morning and night. Or even during I watched glee on my lappy, or watching TV. I will share the results after 2 weeks of trying it ok!
According to my sis, Along, the effective way to tackle body skin problem is by applying ‘Bio-Oil’ after shower. It will help in reduced scar, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing skin, and dehydrated skin. My skin is dehydrated!! So, I went to Watson’s and get myself a bottle of Bio-Oil. Its affordable thou, only cost you around RM38 for a 60ml bottle and RM58 for the bigger one. It’s been 3 days since I’m using the ‘Bio-Oil’, as the matter of fact, I love how my body skin condition now. Better and healthy.
Thanks to my sis along who generously gave me her SKII facial treatment clear lotion, which I used it like a toner before I’m applying moisturizer. I did survey the price for that clear lotion and frankly, its out of my ranged! RM300++! But it is a very good product thou!
Luckily, Body Shop is having their sales when I was looking for a milk moisturizer. So, the lady recommended me to try Shiso whitening moisture milk. It’s 10% discounts but since I’m a member I got another 10% off. So, RM89.90 – 20% = RM71.92! I used it every morning and night and I’m lovin’ it!!
I did wear a mask on my face once in a week. I’m using Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask with Papaya by Purederm. Only cost you RM5 per pack. Available at Watsons. Hahah!!

Other than that, I make sure that I do my facial treatment once in a month. Next entry I will share my experiences.

Abuya's Day!

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When I look at the calendar, I get upset thou. Because father’s day is coming soon and yet, I’m still in a middle of drama with my dad. But I really want to celebrate father’s day like we always did!! We never miss it so I want to keep that record.

YES! I am a stubborn child. I mean, THE very stubborn child. I am still in a middle of protest toward my dad’s unfairness. This is because he is being unfair to me! Ok, let me share something with you…

There’s one shallow morning where I woke up from my bed, I had such a great pain on my neck. Like I almost crying when I tried to raise my hand. That’s how serious it is. So, I went to my dad’s room and asked him to help me send my mom and sis to work but he was refused because he needs his sleep. I told him that I was sick and I can’t move my head but he just don’t care, continue his sleeping.

So, I lost my temper (coz I’m in a great pain). When he came and asked me what happened (in a very high voice), I shout at him! So, maybe he felt that I’m being rude to him, thus he started to hit me. Luckily my mom and sis was there protecting me. Unluckily, still I got a few bruises from that fight! Full of drama right!! Hahhahah!!

Honestly, when I think about it I laugh. Never thought that I will be hit by my dad at this age thou. I mean if I’m a lil child might be rational, but I’m a big girl now. Huh. As for that, I’m not talking to him ever since!!! It is a protest towards his action by hitting me!! Because I am hurt!! Not really physically but inside. It’s my heart that hurts the most!!

So, I went to the hospital to check for my neck pain and the doctor suspects that I have a high blood pressures! Well, it’s my BP (Blood Pressure) reading a lil bit high 140/90. Yes of course my BP will high because I am not emotionally stable (still crying), plus I’m in a great pain doc. Believe it or not, these are factors that will affect BP reading. To be sure, the doctors set me for a 5 days straight appointment to take my BP reading.

In the end, I am healthy.

Seriously, I miss my dad. I miss watching movies with him, playing bowling with him, have good conversations with him, made fun of him with my others sissy, listen to his thought about his business, and eat McD in a middle of a night with him, watching football with him, most of all karaoke with him.

If only he knows that his most stubborn child is missing him.


This child still love her father so much!!

p/s: Be fair. Is it too much to ask? Sometimes a child needs a father words, not a businessman words.

Me going BOLB!

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I think, I need a new look! Since the weather in JB getting hotter and I am superb busy with my so-called life routine plus I’ve been eager wanted to cut my hair short exactly like Victoria Beckham as she is my idol. But, when I ask for my mom opinion she rejected it. So, I keep searching for a suitable Bolb cut that will satisfy not only me, but also my mom. (If not, she will complain about how ugly my hair is every time!).

As I a lil bit worried on will I look fat in Bolb cut, I ask for others opinions. Simply put, I get a positive feedback from them and here I am, in BOLB. Still high in glucose and happy with the results! You know how much does it cost me?!! Affordable!! Only RM68 by the Director herself at Thomas & Guys in CS. Plus, I got 2 more voucher worth of RM30 EACH!! So… ta da ta ta ta~ I’m lovi’n it! (as in McD song..huh!)

Experiences Peps!

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On my way to the Banquet Office!
Working at Paragon teaches me a lot of things. Especially in life! Believe it or not, feels like home (sometimes).

At first I started doing my part-time job there, I was like stress. It is because, all of them talking weird language to me. I mean, as in my life, I only know that there is a thing that we call plate. But now they talking about a fish plate (big size), and surprisingly, plate already have a babies that we call it as a baby plate!!!! Then, there you are a dinner plate!

So, at first I was confused. Every time they ask me to find those plate in the kitchen, I’ll be like looking at the same thing that we call it plate, but only in a different size.

But, it never stops me to learn you know. I am a fast learner. You can count on me. But please, I still need your guidance to get through this. I’m still in a process of learning the hotel’s language (that’s what I call it).

Thanks to all the permanent staffs that never tired to teach me especially on how to set a table for a Chinese course and buffet. Let just say that, I am happy when I know how to do it. Biggest thanks to the supervisors! They rock my days!

But I love the most, when there are Chinese wedding!! Well, let’s forget how tired you will end up be, but think about ‘what if’ you will get an ‘angpow’ from the bride and groom!!! Consider it as our tips for a good service!

But, most of all I love buffet. Even though the table will get creepily messy, but it’s somehow a lil bit relax compare to Chinese course. No food presentation, no Chinese tea, or cold beverages to be served every time but only warm water that are need to be refill and clearing.

So, when I’m done working on my butt there, I went home with smiles. My legs are tired as hell, but at least I learned something from it. All I need is experienced. So, I will collect my payment on Wednesday/Friday a week after. Then, I went shopping, as a reward for my hard work!!

Truthfully, I love working there. That’s the only time where I can meet with new people. Because most of my time I only stay at home watching TV, play with my babies’ hamsters and my four gorgeous flurry cats!! Easy to say, I have zero social life. Which is that who I am ACTUALLY. So, this experiences, somehow teach me how to blend with other people! Believed it or not, I am trying.
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