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Thursday, December 31, 2009


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Yesterday, after I’m done with all my classes and add/drop thing, I was decided to go to the aerobic dance at 5.30pm. Well, since I’m alone as usual I text Alang to join me. So, after a while then she came surprising me from the back! Gosh! Hahhhaha!!!

Nothing unusual happened. So, I went back to my hostel and find out that we have a water problem! GREAT!!! But still, I am lucky enough to take a shower BEFORE the water really stop! Huhuuu..

Then, I have a lil chit chat with Miera n Zura since we don’t really have any asgmt to do. Then, Yati buzz me to ask me to chat with her. Then, I open my YM (in Invisible mood as always) and chat with her. We were planning to celebrate New Year together in our own way! Hahahhahah!!!

But then, the line got worst and I just turn my lappy off. I tried to sleep then I can’t sleep coz I have this annoying headache! After a while, I’m struggling to sleep I received a text from him. Now, I can’t sleep and I’m feeling guilty.

I didn’t mean to hurt his feeling but I just did. I am sorry for that. I guess I have to wait until he get back to me. Please get back to me….
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First Class

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Here I am, once again…
So, today was officially my first class for this sem.
I had project management class this morning.
Well, I was trying my best to hide my true identity by wearing those speck that I bought in JB,
But I guess people already recognize me! (Damn!)
A usual, I will seat at the place where no one seats of course and being totally ALONE!
I felt boring by myself keeping quiet,
So I took my nail shiner and started to shine my nails!
Then I remember that I bought my mp3 with me!!!
So, I took it out, turn it on and played my fav song ‘Untouched-The Veronicas’ over and over again.
Until I finish shine all my nails (Gosh!! They looked gorgeous!!) Then I realized that the lecturer is not coming!! (Great!)
Who cares anyway, besides I still have class after this.
So I decided to write this:

My Wish list!
1.Sony Ericssons Xperia (X1)
2.White Gold Necklace with a cute heart locket
3.BOongashoes Sneakers (Type D)
4.New Spectacles
5.Majolica make up full set!

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'Abg Long'

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 11:59 AM 2 VVIP Readers Links to this post
So, now…..I am officially announced that I already have ‘Abg Long’!!!
Trust me, he’s a great, great, great guy!!
He’s not smoking and such a responsible guy!! (CHECK!)

Since, he doesn’t want me to put his face in here….so I’ll listen to him.
Or else my Along gonna nag at me till my ears bleeding!! Hahahah!!

I’m glad that they finally ready to settle down.
So, here I am…as a second wedding planner after my umi of course…
Will start to make whatever it takes (still blur actually), to make sure, when the day have come, they will remember it!!!

So, to my beloved sister, Along…I’m glad that you finally find your true happiness!!

To my becoming ‘Abg Long’, Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I guess my new year will start with a great opening!!!

Heppy New Year EVERYONE!!!!
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Hot Day!

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Wat’s up people!!!! What a hot day today at Sintok!! Gosh…it’s killing me!!!

Owh…BTW…I’m already in Sintok….to be exact, UUM..

Today I got nothing much to do since I got problems with my timetable, so I decided not attend the class yet, not until I’m done with my timetable. It’s still an add/drop week anyway, so the attendance will not be taken until the add/drop week end.

Just now I received a text from Alang asking me to take her to Changlun, coz she needs to buy a shoes since she only have a sneakers with her. OMG!! What on earth she’s been thinking by only bring her sneakers in here, UUM!!! Hhaahhaah!!

Well, we, a student of course, must wear a formal cloth while attending the classes. No jeans, no sneakers, no short skirts, no short pans.

Whatever. I just wear what I want as I please. I don’t bind by the rules, since I’m the rules breaker anyway!!! Hahahahahah!!! Wish Yati were here, so that I have a partner in crime. Ghee~

Ok then, enough talking. I hope I didn’t give you bad pictures about UUM rite!! Ouh….UUM good!! (with a smile and unsure expression).

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Melodrama of aisyah ar at 10:54 AM 8 VVIP Readers Links to this post
Ok…it’s been a while since the last time I updated my blog here…people kept asking when Im gonna update my blog…

So I guess…here I am once again…

I guess I just recovered from my dark painful and sorrow moment (perhaps..)
Anyway, let’s skip it can we…

Well, for those who already know, I’m currently working with my dad (Abuya) as a part-timer of course. Working with him such a challenge to me since he’s a workaholic and I’m not really.

But let’s look at the bright side. I do gain a lot of experience since we done outstation a lot and ummm..i do kinda like it. (I love to travel around anyway).

Let’s cut it short, we finally made our final hit on UCI (Unity College of International) by organized the registration day for the nursing students which happened last Saturday. The registration was in PJ (Petaling Jaya) and I had to wake up as early as 3am to prepare myself because we’re leaving at 4am.

Worst, I didn’t get a wink of sleep!!!! Not that I’m thrill to go there, but it’s because of my lil bros n sisters still playing around and making such a loud noise at 1.30am!!!!! Can u imagine that? hahahh!!

Thank god I managed to make myself awake until the registration end!! (well, I did skip for awhile though, sleeping in a car for like an hour…ahhhhh…heaven!) Then I FREAKINGLY woke up UNREADILY because there’s a cockroach on my leg!! For god sake, it’s disgusting!! That’s it!! I’m done sleeping. Then I went back to the registration desk and find myself boring again!! ( I wish Yati here with me you know…at least we can create some drama or something…argghhh!!)

While Abuya n Mummy busy with their things…I got myself busy too!!! Cam whore people!!!! So I went to the lobby and did what I do best!! Hahahhha!!

Then once again I felt so boring playing by myself. I went to the registration desk for a million times and kinda happy this time because it’s time to go home!!!! It was 1.30pm anyway. Gosh, I cudnt wait to be back home…I miss my umi!!

Then I did a alil chat with Abuya n Mummy on the way back until I fell asleep again.

Then we stop by at the R&R Segamat coz mummy said that their Nasi Beriani is the best in here. I gave it a try…and..i..liked it..hmm…I mean it’s delicious.

Overall, I love KL!! Except for the traffic jammed.

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Friday, December 11, 2009


Melodrama of aisyah ar at 4:15 AM 4 VVIP Readers Links to this post
i think, I started to lose myself lil by lil….
I don’t even want to hang out with my babe..
This thing keeps coming to my head…
And the time is running out…
No one cares…
I guess I’m all by myself again…

p/s: The only person that keeps me smiling only my mom…

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Another Day

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I keep smiling every time I woke up in the morning.

I keep telling myself that everything going to be alright.

I keep lying to myself…..and I can’t stop lying….

Coz I don’t want my mom to notice that. I don’t want to make her feel sad….

I just can’t..

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Melodrama of aisyah ar at 3:51 AM 1 VVIP Readers Links to this post
I thought we had agreed with this right?

Then, why you keep changing your mind? At One time you agreed with that and in a minute you disagreed....

I am trying my best to be patience with you and your changing mood and what did I get in returned? Only you being mad at me and keeping your distance?! You know what, this is not going to change anything!! Your attitude, your ego and all, it’s going to ruin my future!!!! You know what, my future!!!!

I am not blaming you for my mistakes. The only thing that I need from you is your understanding. I need you to help me to figure it out!!! Not recall back the past and continuously blaming me every second!. At this moment, I don’t need that. Don’t you understand??? I need a solution. The rational one!!! Is it that hard for you to do?

I hate to turn on your back at this matter, this next step is about my future. You know I need you. Then, why you’re being such a selfish person??? Why?? Why can’t we discuss about it?? Isn’t it so hard for you to do that??

I don’t understand you, for other people, you willing to go there! Even it’s a miles away, just to get near them for a lil conversation about what path is the best for them and you can’t do that to me??????? Why????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am weak in a fight like this and you know it well right….
I am trying my best to make you understand my situation and I guess you’re not listening, and it seems like you just too selfish to have a lil conversation with me without think of other choices. I really don’t know what to do anymore, coz to be the truth, I am mad at you too…to be exact, I really disappointed with you.

So, I give up…..I follow what you want, it’s your decision that’s matter right? Alright then…

But I want you to know one thing…just one thing….
Whatever happened to my future, it is your responsibility….
It is me who going to face the future that you choose. Me and not you…

I guess your ego will make you lose me….well, I guess you already have…

p/s: Don't you forget, I’m still a fighter..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lencongan Kulai ke Saleng?

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 2:25 AM 3 VVIP Readers Links to this post
Ahad: Well, macam biasalah…interview kami kali ni di Kulai Johor…huhuuu…so, after abis sesi interview tue, aku igtkan trus baliklah an…tetiba pak razak bawa aku n mummy pergi Zoo Saleng…mula2 tu aku pelik gak an….ishk…buang tebiat ke abuya nie!!! Tapi bila sampai jer zoo dari jauh aku dah dgr dah suara budak2 tue!!!! Sapa?? Sapa lagi… kenit2 adik2 aku…hahahhah!!! Dorang kat sini rupanya!!!! Aku yg tdnyer pening kepala terus hilang an…hahahhah!!!! Anyway…here the pics!!

p/s: At last!!! I found my Cubby!!!!!

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Kenangan Raya Haji

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 1:30 AM 1 VVIP Readers Links to this post

Inilah kami ketika raya haji....orang lain semua melawat sedara....
kami duduk umah then snap2 mcm raya puasa!!
maaff zahir & batin....
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