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Monday, April 26, 2010

Little Trix&Cas

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I have a pair of naughty….naughty hamsters!!!!
Since I want to make them a lil bit glamour…
I name it as Trixy & Casmo.

Trixy is the Female, which makes she’s the naughtiest than Casmo, the male one.

Trixy really love to climb here and there….after a while,
she will definitely stuck herself between the wheel and the cage…..

Which made Casmo a lil bit uneasy bout it,
coz he’s the one who LOVEEEE the wheel more than his own meal!!!!
Trust Me!!! Hahhahaha!!!!
So, Casmo will try harder and harder to push Trixy away from the wheel….

Well, you know Trixy, once she fall,
she will for sure climb back and stuck herself again and again….
In the end, Casmo just give up and went to his little toilet house…

Ooowwwhhh……I couldn’t bear it….my baby pet upset easily…

So, I will let him play in his Orange Exercise Ball!!!
Of course I am not buyers, I will drag Trixy together in her Pink Exercise Ball!!
Gosh…this little creature means a lot to me…A lot!!!
No matter what they do, they never fail to make me laugh!!!
I can’t wait to bring them Home!!!! I mean in JB!!
Coz their Aunts, Grandmas n Grandpa are dying want to see them!!! Hahhahahha!!

p/s: Will back HOME soon!!!!!! Wait for US!!
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The Final

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 3:20 AM 0 VVIP Readers Links to this post

Yeah!!! Trust me, I just finished my 3rd paper today!!
Gosh!!! I am GLAD that everything going smooth…

Well, of course I am the only one who always come 15mins late after the exam already started! Huhuu…

I got Applied Statistics at first, I love this paper coz I kinda master in it…huhuu…

The next day I have to sit for Project Management, at first I thought this paper gonna ruin my day, but then hey…..the exercises that I’ve been doing are exactly what came out….I mean the pattern! Lucky me who hate to memorize things!!

As for today, I got Com. In Biz Decision Making paper to be answered! Once again, I’ve made it through easily….i am relief.

So, now I have to focus on my straight 3 paper started this Tuesday till Thursday! Wish me luck peeps!! Huhuuu…

Gosh!! Calculus II is making me NERVOUSE!! Ghee~

p/s: Good Luck 'Si Tomey'!!! all who facing their final, GAMBATEE!!
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Hear me OUT!!!

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 2:45 AM 0 VVIP Readers Links to this post
Kepada kamu ‘Silent Reader’ saya yg SETIA. Saya nk kamu JELAS disini, bahawa ‘cat fight’ between ME & That B****H, have NOTHING to do with YOU!

Of course you are WELCOME to give your ‘MOTIVATED’ comment any time you please. Huhuuu…

BTW, if you think that you are SOOOOOO RIGHT! You MUST can FACE ME directly right?? No need for you to hide yourself as soon as you saw me….DON’T worry, I don’t BITE! HAHAHHAHAH!! GOT CHICKEN OUT to face me huh?!!

Well, I’m glad to know that I do have UNPAID REPORTER like YOU!!!

But to others ‘Silent Reader’ who just wondering what is going on here, don’t judged me yet, coz you should know, that you didn’t hear it from my side. So I assume you don’t know anything and just being affected by those bad mouth team mate!

If you really want to know, you can see me directly. If it is TRUE, I will admit it. If it is WRONG, I will DEFINITELY CORRECTED IT. The rest, I will let you measure it yourself.

Owh ya, if you think I’m Sombong, you just wrong my dear. I am not sombong, I just love to do my own thing rather than gathering in ONE room and hahhahahhahahhahah together. I prefer listen to my mp3 n watching my muvi though. That’s just me. Get used to it.

So, since I have no problem with you, you better stay out of this ‘cat fight’ thing. Don’t make me started focused on you…..believe me you don’t want that.

This is PERSONAL fight between me n her. You don’t know anything, BACK OFF before I make my MOVE towards you too…

p/s: I know who you are…, tak yah lah nk poyo me or what so ever….ok.. duduk diam2 sudah…
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Love of My Life

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 1:36 AM 1 VVIP Readers Links to this post

Dear my love of my life....
I know that I do made you lost your patience...
I know that I do made you sad...
I know that I do made you stressed...
I know that I do made you hurt badly...
I've made you worried...
I've disappointed you...


Never once you mad at me...
Never once you yell at me...
Never once you hurt me...

Plus, you still want to see me smile...
Even though you're hurt inside...
You still look out for me...
Even it's still rain heavily...

I felt so guilty...
Being silence like that...
I am so SORRY...
I did it again and again...

But still, my love to you...
Getting stronger each day...

I've learnt from my mistakes...
That, there's no way..
I can live without you in my life...

Coz,you're my only SUNSHINE...

p/s: I LOVE YOU...
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear ‘BITCH’

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You know what, I had enough of all your bullshit talking. You want to drag parents in this matter, go ahead. Coz I’ve got mine too!! I’ll let all know what you’ve done to me and what your brothers threaten me!!

If you want me to stop complaining about your disgusting behavior, you better clean your bed and make sure no more smelly odor from your side!!! I’ve said nicely to you, you don’t want to listen. So, I do the hard way. You’re such ignorance.

You better thank me that I didn’t force you to correct all those lies you’ve made!!! Especially about the money matter! You really have nothing else to accuse me except money huh…pity you.Plus, You said that I scratch your hands!! Huh, you really know how to gain people’s sympathy. You can fool other people, but you can’t fool me bitch!

This has nothing to do with jealousy or what so ever, in fact I know that you were trying to duplicate me and all. In fact, from head to toes, I am BETTER than you. So you think for yourself, one thing that I should get jealous about you. Is it your smelly odor? Is is your cheating Boy friend? Is it your family? (At least, i do have A MOM and i never talk bad about my mom like you did. You should be thankful that you at least have a stepmother, but still you talk bad about her. what kind of daughter are you? huh!!). So, you see, I've got nothing to jealous about you! Nothing at all.

So, you better behave yourself. Cleans your side! And stop those lousy singing. You disturbed me, I disturbed you back!! Try to provoke my anger, we will see who can stand it!
I’ve been silence enough!!!

BTW, those girls do talk you know. Some of them asked me personally what had happened. I know now what’s you accusation towards me. You really such a Bitch! They even said that those seniors also said that your such a lazy person to clean your mess.

p/s: I’m glad that yesterday, you clean all your mess!! Thank GOD! Keep it up that way ya…hmm

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tag dari Shafie

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 9:49 PM 1 VVIP Readers Links to this post
I don’t really understand what the tag is really about.
But, referring to Shafie page, obviously they want me to talk about shoes….Right!

So, here’s my favourite a.k.a new shoe!!
My pale Pink Crocs!!!
Actually I bought it during Convo after I attend Bunkface Concert.
Remember about the Bunkster entry?
Yeah, I did mention get myself a crocs right?? So, here it is!!!

Did you see the Jibbits??
Thanks to ‘Si Tomey’, coz he’s the one who choose it for me!!!
I just love these shoes!
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Family Member!!

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 11:52 PM 2 VVIP Readers Links to this post
Welcoming OUR NEW BABY PET!!!

This is my boy!!! I name it CASMO! He’s so little and crème in color!! He has a cute red eyes and pink nose!!
This is my girl!!! I name it TRIXY! She’s littler than Casmo and yet she’s the one who eats a lot!!!! She’s the banded type (orange n white). She also has a cute red eyes n pink nose!!
They’re both Syrian family!! When they grown up, they will be 15cm long!!

Right now, they’re playing with their exercise ball.

Casmo in Orange Ball and Trixy in Pink Ball.
It’s easy for me to see they playing around in my room.

Aren’t they ADORABLE? Hmmmm…….
p/s: Thanks Bie…….you’ve made me HAPPY.

p/p/s: To the anonymous. I DON’T KNOW YOU, and so were YOU. You have no clue what’s going on, so BACK OFF!! I don’t talk to stranger.
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Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear Diary..

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 4:41 AM 0 VVIP Readers Links to this post
Dear Diary,

I miss my ‘Twin Soul’ soo much!! Really wanna play with them again. Wanna feed them, hugs them and kiss them!! Haih……I wish I had a superpower that can sense them from far..far away!! (sob..sob..)

Si Tomey’ promise to buy me a new one!! We decided to name them Trixy and Casmo!!! Glam ya’ll!! Can’t wait to get the new baby pet!! This time, I will not let them get away! Coz I’ve do my research already. I’m pretty sure, I know all about them already! So, I am totally ready to welcome the new one.

Owh!! I feel a lil bit annoy with my room right now!! Well, that bitch gone for good oredy (went home coz it’a a study week) but she left her bed damn messy like crap!! With the shirt that have been wearing here and there. Her study table full of paper that only God know what. Aaaarrrggghhhh!! Disgusting bitch! Only know to bad mouth about people, but FAIL to hygiene herself! What a shame!

Just now Along call. We were talking about everything. That makes me homesick again!! I miss home..huhu…BTW, she n her future hubby are so happy right now. Well this Sat she will be having a big test!! Gambaaaattteeeeeee!!!!

Oh ya…I kind of piss off with my PV coz she didn’t do the meeting!!! Since someone talking about the Villa’s account, so I have to stand up and explain the flow myself. Coz, she has no clue about it! Whatever, but if I heard about this matter ever again…she will get my 24hours of nagging! I’m good at nagging sometimes.

To my dad, Abuya…no matter what happened dad, your daughters will always at your side, we will back you up! We will help you standing!! As you are always there to catch us, as we are here to catch u back! We love you always and forever!!

Umi……your daughter here are dying to hear her mom voice!! Hope you doing just find ya mom. I miss you damn much!!

My CT 5 sis…..I can’t wait to see you all, coz I have a lot of stuff to tell you!!! A lot!! Guess we will meet at home ya!! Be ready to rock that JB!! Hahahhah!!!

Babe Yati…always be happy ya darl!!!

p/s: I Hope you GONE forever Bitch! Dun forget to clean ur junk here...disgusting!
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Melodrama of aisyah ar at 2:12 AM 2 VVIP Readers Links to this post
Last Monday (29 March 2010)…We went to the Alumni Konsert, UUM!!
There are few people that I like will be there especially this guys!!!! (The main reason!!)

So, I really want to go there!! So, I decided to go there with my love one “Si Tomey”. I want to go there with him so bad!!!

So I asked Alang to booked 2 tickets for me and ask him later. So, that night I ask him to go there with me. Actually I kind of worried that he can’t go with me, coz during this expo thing, he will surely involve in Futsal! But I guess I was the luckiest girl!! He didn’t play Futsal, coz he want to spend his time with me!!! Yay!!! You’re the best~!!!

So, I was so excited and start to think what to wear!!! Gosh!! But then, I was thinking about those pink shirts that we bought together at Tesco! But then again, I was thinking…will he wear that in here, UUM?!! Well, pink shirt….

Guess what??!!! He wants to wear it!!! I was a little bit surprised!!! Hahhahaha!!!! He even asked me if it’s ok for him to not wearing his Jefferson shoes, coz he wants to wear s’thing else. I said, “I don’t mind as long as you love it” (The truth is, I know what he wants to wear…his Crocs!)

So we went there, Dewan MAS around 8.30pm (supposed the show start at 9pm). I don’t know what is wrong with the people, but they keep starring at us as we enter the hall. Maybe they were amazed that we wearing the same shirt in pink!! Hahhah!!
Whatever…enough with the stares oredy!

So, the show begin with the VVIP came in, then the same formal song will be played and the fun begun!! A lot of songs, a lot of dance and a lot of MC crap that night!!

But I enjoy watching that with him. Plus, my sis Alang do perform the dance that night! I want to watch her too!!!!

Too bad, me and ‘Si Tomey’ guessing the wrong dancers!! Hahahha!!!

So, here comes Adibah Noor!!! OMG!! She’s damn hilarious!! Spontaneous!! Talented!!! She made her entrance with this hindustand famous song, DOOM!! (doom macaleh, doom macaleh..DOOM!!) HAHAHHA!! I dunno the spelling. Gosh, I love her!!

Then, here they are!!! The reason I am here tonight!!! MY BUNKFACE!!!!!!
Gosh!!! I wish I can………..watever at least get an autograph maybe…hahha!! Ehemm…”Si Tomey” I love you….huhuuu~

So, the audience start to stand on their chair which blocking our view!! So, I can’t stand there watching something that I can’t even see!!!! So, I grab ‘Si Tomey’ and we’re heading to the front and find our self a chair to stand on!! Hahha!! So, we enjoy our self in our own way…in our own gig dance. Hahhah!! Gosh, I miss that moment.

As the show over, we continue our enjoyment day, to the expo!! I get myself a Crocs too!!! With the Jibbits!! Thanks Bie…

Then we eat and once again I feel al little bit annoy by people keep starring at us like I’m a Paris Hilton or something!! (Kidding…) I just ignore the stares and focus on ‘Si Tomey’. I don’t know he was just sweet looking that night. He is in PINK for real!!! (He used to hate Pink..)hahhaha!!!

Then, I got a text from that ‘Bitch’ again. Maybe she was depressed playing by herself. Well, she can’t live ALONE!! OR she will going CRAZY!! Hahhahah!! But I won’t let that bitch ruin my night like that. I reply her text 2 times and that’s it.

I do enjoy the night! I am happy!! We were so sweet together in PINK especially ‘Si Tomey’ (aku pasan jap..sila izinkan ya..) Thanks for the amazing night Bie!

p/s: You are the best….always the best ONE for me…I LOVE YOU!
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