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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Life After Married 1

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If you know that your wife love to do laundry, don’t leave your Jeans around cause your wife will clear it and wash it. More often you leave it around, more often your wife will clear and wash it. Until one day you will start to realize there is something wrong with your Jeans! Hahahhaha!!!! Even though it’s your favorite Levi’s!

While you two watching the TV, when it’s about commercial time, change the channel to 411 (HBO-Astro) cause when your wife sees the new Downy especially in Pink she will asked for it!
“Hubby!!!!! I want that…..pleaseeee……”

No matter what your agenda is make sure you settle it before your husband reach home from work. If not, he will surely give you his long face and not-talking-to-you expression like. Hahhaa!!!

Whenever you in a car, before you turn on the radio, make sure that your wife favorite record not in there! If not, the only song you will hear is you wife singing the same song repeatedly. Then, she will ask you whether her singing sound good or not? Then, you gonna have to say…
“Wahh!! Even Katy Perry doesn’t sound like you!!”

Suddenly, house hunting becomes such a fun thing to do!! Aim for the ‘Rumah Contoh’ and go take a look inside. The wife will start to comments on the kitchen, how long the cupboard will be customize, where the fridge will be place and the hubby will talk about where to put the LCD TV! Hahhaaa!!

Whenever you hurt yourself, you can always tell your hubby and show him your wound. He will treat your wound with his magic word and kiss!
“Bismillahirahmanirahim! Fuh!! Fuh!! Ok, kejap lagi baik lah tu…”

When you wake up in the morning with your messy hair and suddenly your hubby wakes up too, ask him do you look pretty or not. He surely will not answer it, coz he will give you his sweet kiss as the answer.

Whenever you try a new recipe that you get it online, you don’t have to worry about the taste, cause someone will definitely finish it for you without complaint but compliment! Though you yourself don’t event like the taste of the recipes!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Educations. Its Essential!

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I’ve been working as an Academic Consultant at my dad & mummy’s company. It’s Pusat Urusetia Pengambilan Pelajar in Larkin Perdana. Since, I’m starting my long semester, I can’t commit to my duty. However, what I learnt from those experiences is sometimes certain people had a second chance to IMPROVE their life but they wasted it.

We’ve been approach a lot of students mostly with a bad SPM results!!! We tried our best to consult them the choices that they have but they started to be demanding. Started to ask for a high standard course that doesn’t match with their results requirements.

Sometimes, we need to let an expert do their job. They know which college and course suit you best. Not only took in consideration of your family financial but also considering whether you can handle those courses or not. But still, the choice is yours.

I believe in a second chance. So when I get it, I didn’t waste it. We never know when that luck will come again right. So, grab it as it available. IMPROVED!!

Parents! Education now much easier compare those days. There’s PTPTN, MARA, KWSP and such! If your child wants to continue study, let them be. Support them! Don’t let your insecure feeling jeopardize your child future! Let them go, learnt about the real world. Facing real situation. Don’t keep them in home, waiting for a miracle to knock on your door. It is not the generation that we want to generate for future leader.

Only through educations, you can change your life condition. Believe it or not, believe it.

30 days of missing

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Chaakkk!!! Hahhah!! (Scaaryyyy introduction!)

It’s been quite a long time since I’m updating this precious blog of mine. My dear Lee Ping keeps asking me when I will update my blog. Sorry my dear, it just everytime I put this finger on those keyboard, my eyes slowly close, then I’m like Zzzzzzz…..hmm…

But!!! I won’t let you down. I’ll try my best to update alright!

Here, I have some story to share. So, keep reading it aiit!

I lost my baby boy on 10.10.11!
According to Katy Perry (2011), in her latest single, The One That Got Away stated that ‘all this money can’t buy me a time machine’ (See!! I am doing my citation!! Will put in my reference page!! Hahahha!!). By all means, if only I can buy the time machine, I will definitely will. So, I can go back to the day my baby boy went missing and fix this broken heart of mine.

I am trying my best to find him. I knock on my neighbors’ doors asking about my baby. I’m distributes flyer around. I’ve been doing it for almost every night. In class, I keep holding my phone, just in case someone will call. But, I guess my neighborhood doesn’t care much about my lost I guess.

According to the petfinder site, indoor cat usually does not leave the house like that. It must be it accidently get out and get scared then run for hiding. Sometimes, they run to far from home and get lost. That’s the reason why I keep looking for him. I can’t give up easily thou.

As the day goes by, still no sign of him, I decided to make a giant poster with a reward! Hoping that, whoever sees my baby or accidently keeping my baby will contact me. Until today, it’s been a month, 30 days, no Luck. YET!

They said that cat is a very spiritual animal. So, I keep telling myself that he will come home soon. Someday. So, I must keep calling him back! Wish he find his way home! Wish that he’ll be just FINE.

p/s: Thanks hubby and siss for being there for me during my sorrow moments.
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