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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Melodrama of aisyah ar at 2:03 AM 2 VVIP Readers Links to this post
I believe that beautiful song came from one person’s honest feeling.

That’s why when I hear a song that reflects my feeling exactly the same at that moment, I feel relief!! Because I can tell the whole world bout my feeling openly without them even realize about it! Hahhaha!! Call me weird, because I am weird.

Yes! Music and movie are my ‘drugs’. I cannot live without it! Literally.

Usually I got my inspiration in writing through music. I admit it, that I’m not really a big fan of malay songs. It’s not that I’m forgetting my own roots, let just say that I have a different interpretation about music. However, I am deeply in love with Faizal Tahir’s songs!!!!! Recently, his ‘Hanyut’ song really makes me wonder. Hurm….

Faizal Tahir - Hanyut

But yes!!! No matter how bad the attitude of the singer, I just don’t give a damn about it, what I know, if they produce such a beautiful song that are successfully wrap up my feeling, I will listen to it again and again. You know what, I used to memorize all Eminem songs!!! It feels real to me though.

One of my favorite artist till I die~ Is JAY CHOU! For the first time I listen to his song, ‘Ye Ye Pao De Cha’ means Grandfather’s Tea, I fell deeply in love with him!! Honestly, I don’t understand the meaning coz its in mandarin but I feel in love with his song!!!!!!!!

Jay Chou - Ye Ye Pao De Cha
So, I’ve been strike ‘piano-lesson’ fever for a while but cause lack of money and time constraint, I didn’t manage to attend any of music class. Huhu…even though, that time my tuition center, Omega next to the Yamaha Music Center.

As for now….I'm connected to this song!!!

Lenka - Heart Skips a Bit

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Little Sissy!

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 12:07 AM 1 VVIP Readers Links to this post
She cried calling me from far far away in UUM. Telling me how stress she is right now. On her shoulder carried tons of responsibilities as the 2ND NYDP MPP of UUM but at the same time, she have to keep up with her commitment in her study. She is stuck between responsibility and commitment.

So, I told her that, problems usually doesn’t come alone, it always comes with solutions. As for me, big responsibility causes you big sacrifice too. Suddenly I remember about the opportunity cost in economic! If my classmate read this, sure they can explain it in detail, especially Taiko. He’s such a brilliant guy!! He scores 31 out of 40 for our economic trial test! Envy him!!!

Opportunity cost is the cost of thing that you did not choose (the alternative) because you choose other thing. In a simple way, imagine now you have to choose between Bruno mars and Jay Chou. So, after a few cat fight with Jolin and Rehanna, you decided to choose Donald Trump! Ehhhh!!! Out of list! Ok, you choose Jay Chou because he’s superb cute (But T.O.P much more cuter!! My nose is bleeding oredy~~~). So, Bruno Mars is your opportunity cost! Understand?! No?? (I’ll call Taiko to help you next time lor..)

Ok, I’ll stop all my nonsense from this point.

Back to the story, I know that even though she seems small in figure, but she has a big heart! She said that she miss my presence in UUM (like the old days), only if she know I miss her trillion times than she thought! Because she is thousands miles away from me, I assigned one Ninja to look after her.

As for you my little sister…

Whenever you feel like crying,
I’ll pampered you with my lullaby,
Whenever you feel hopeless,
I’ll electrify your spirit
Whenever you feel lost,
I’ll clear your path with Naruto's Jutsu,
Whenever you in trouble,
I’ll find solutions with Sasuke's sharingan,
Whenever u need an advice,
I’ll gave you all that I have

Friday, April 1, 2011

'Melayu Pelat'

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Haih…”Si Melayu Pelat”, tak pernah habis dgn DENGKI! Pengkhianat will always be Pengkhianat!

Ok, first of all, this is nothing to do with racism or what so ever. This entry specially made for this particular person who turns out to be “Melayu Pelat” already.

Why I call her that?? Did you see that I mention ‘Her’ and not ‘Him’….how did I know it’s a ‘Her’?

First of all, guy don’t usually touch ‘sensitive issue’ since they care less compare to a girl.

Guy don’t play truth or dare with a girl they don’t actually like.

Only girl who hate another girl will talk bad about certain issues and dare each other. They tend to chicken out by being anonymous. Poor life…childish isn’t it.

She became ‘Melayu Pelat’ because she talks in malay with a Chinese slang. Try her hard to hide her identity.

To you chicken lady…

I know that you miss me a lot (like crazy), since I’m no longer available for you to copycat ( I know you have a very weird way of dress up!). Opps!!!

Firstly, you have to learn to read English, not only read, you have to understand the whole content. I think, I’m using the most simple and easy to understand English in my blog. Rarely involve literature in my writing and yet you still fail to read it properly and throw your stupid tantrum about it. You really know how to make me laugh like hell!

I know you envy me soooooo much, that’s why you can’t take your eyes on me. No wonder you keep coming to my blog with different characters each time! But hey, no matter how hard you try to change your characters, you can never fool me poor girl.

So, here are my advised to you, owh!! But first, please take out your English-Malay dictionary please..
1.Azalinya Si Dugong, dengkikan Duyung yang bertuah mengahwini putera raja di daratan.
2.Bersihkan dulu ‘lumut2’ di ‘dasar lautan’ sebelum menjengah ‘rumput’ di ‘daratan’.
3.Kurangkan hasad dengki dan khianat kerana ia akan meningkatkan jisim berat badan dan menyukarkan Dugong utk berenang2.
4.Kurangkan umpat, banyakkan ilmu. Jangan suara mengumpat jauh lebih lantang dari membaca!!
Owh…forget to let my readers know, this Dugong don’t really understand English. So, I have to advise her in Malay. Hopefully she takes note.

Since I have life, I can’t ‘play’ with you often!!! However, I will try to update, just in case you curious to know more about my life…

p/s Dugong: Along dah kahwin….go to D*I*V*A blog klu terdesak nak tahu.

p/s: Get a life!!
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