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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Aisyah AR Mom2Be:Part 1

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It is the first time ever I will see my baby in shape after the first confirmation that I am pregnant. But today, I will be able to know about my pregnancy status. How old has it been and my EDD (due date). I am more than excited. It’s a second time to see my baby!!! 

My mummy did gave me this big and thick pregnancy book by Elizabeth Fenwick for my guidance as she knows that this is my first experiences indeed will be the first grandchild ever! So, I read it through more than I ever read my degree’s book! Hahahaha!!! Honestly, I can’t wait to see my baby’s bump!!! But its too early. My tummy still flat. Uhu… 

So, get back to the real matter, I went to the Clinic for my second appointment (3rd May 2012). One thing M2B have to remember before you went to the clinic for check-up is never forget to bring your urine from home or you will delay the process. It is not only you that are pregnant but hundred and thousand more. So, let’s cut the long wait and make it short can we? 

Fortunately, I never forget to bring my urine from home and wear a proper outfit or you will be nag by the nurse during the process and never ever forget your Pregnancy Book. The process will be measuring your body weight, your urine test, your blood test (to check your hemoglobin percentage), and your blood pressure (BP). After that only, the nurse will decide whether or not for you to see the doctor for further check-up. Luckily, today is the day to determine my pregnancy status. So, I will definitely see the doctor for the scan. 

So, I went to see the doctor and the scan begins. I can see my baby!!!! There’s a head, hands and my baby spinal cord are just amazing! There’s a heartbeat too!!! My baby is healthy!! I’m speechless. Then the doctors said that my Due Date will be on 18th November 2012 and I’m pregnant for 11 weeks and 4 days now. Means I’m already 2month plus!! 

My statistics:
 Alb: N
Gula: B
Hb: 11gm%
Berat: 57kg (up 2kg)
BP: 120/70

p/s: Wish Daddy were here..

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