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Friday, April 1, 2011

'Melayu Pelat'

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 3:02 PM
Haih…”Si Melayu Pelat”, tak pernah habis dgn DENGKI! Pengkhianat will always be Pengkhianat!

Ok, first of all, this is nothing to do with racism or what so ever. This entry specially made for this particular person who turns out to be “Melayu Pelat” already.

Why I call her that?? Did you see that I mention ‘Her’ and not ‘Him’….how did I know it’s a ‘Her’?

First of all, guy don’t usually touch ‘sensitive issue’ since they care less compare to a girl.

Guy don’t play truth or dare with a girl they don’t actually like.

Only girl who hate another girl will talk bad about certain issues and dare each other. They tend to chicken out by being anonymous. Poor life…childish isn’t it.

She became ‘Melayu Pelat’ because she talks in malay with a Chinese slang. Try her hard to hide her identity.

To you chicken lady…

I know that you miss me a lot (like crazy), since I’m no longer available for you to copycat ( I know you have a very weird way of dress up!). Opps!!!

Firstly, you have to learn to read English, not only read, you have to understand the whole content. I think, I’m using the most simple and easy to understand English in my blog. Rarely involve literature in my writing and yet you still fail to read it properly and throw your stupid tantrum about it. You really know how to make me laugh like hell!

I know you envy me soooooo much, that’s why you can’t take your eyes on me. No wonder you keep coming to my blog with different characters each time! But hey, no matter how hard you try to change your characters, you can never fool me poor girl.

So, here are my advised to you, owh!! But first, please take out your English-Malay dictionary please..
1.Azalinya Si Dugong, dengkikan Duyung yang bertuah mengahwini putera raja di daratan.
2.Bersihkan dulu ‘lumut2’ di ‘dasar lautan’ sebelum menjengah ‘rumput’ di ‘daratan’.
3.Kurangkan hasad dengki dan khianat kerana ia akan meningkatkan jisim berat badan dan menyukarkan Dugong utk berenang2.
4.Kurangkan umpat, banyakkan ilmu. Jangan suara mengumpat jauh lebih lantang dari membaca!!
Owh…forget to let my readers know, this Dugong don’t really understand English. So, I have to advise her in Malay. Hopefully she takes note.

Since I have life, I can’t ‘play’ with you often!!! However, I will try to update, just in case you curious to know more about my life…

p/s Dugong: Along dah kahwin….go to D*I*V*A blog klu terdesak nak tahu.

p/s: Get a life!!

1 VVIP Readers on "'Melayu Pelat'"

siti faridah harun (nama penuh tu) on April 2, 2011 at 3:48 AM said...[Reply to comment]

haha !

yek ! gelinye cenggitu ,, huhu

kekcah, hamster sihat tak??? hehehehe

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