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Thursday, January 22, 2009

<::::My Little Girls::::>

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 10:27 AM
I just came back to JB bout 3 hours ago. My dad said he gonna pick me up!! Gosh!! Waiting for him to came, even I can finish my breakfast at McD! Nevermind, so, when my dad came we started talking. I asked bout all that happened when I’m not around. Now I know that my little brother have been school in Sek. Men. Agama. Hahahha!! He needs that!!

Btw, my dad told me that he went to Atul and Nisa’ school. Gosh!!!! As I heard that name, my emotion changed!! I misssssssssssss them dammmmmn muuuuuuucccchh!!!!!!
Did you know what happened???

Actually my dad really misses them so much. It’s been 2 years he didn’t saw his own little girls. So, that day, he went to see them. He came to see their principal and asked the principal to let him see his own child. After a while, they came. Atul, as she saw my dad her face change became sad (mencebik..)!! She and Nisa’ ran to my dad, they hug him and crying out loud!!
Atul keep saying to my dad “Maafkan Atul, Abuya….”
Nisa, she’s just a little girl, couldn’t really understand what really happened, but Atul do. My dad also crying to see his own little child said that.
Sweetheart, it’s really not your fault.

I just want to let they know, even though we can’t see each other for a while, but still they always in my mind, my breath, my soul and my life. They will always be my little sisters!!! When I capable to do something one day, I will claim my right as their big sister!!

To that particular person, I just want to TELL you one thing…

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