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Friday, January 23, 2009

:::Scream TIME!!!!:::

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 9:28 PM
I don’t know why, but I would like to share with you all bout this movie that I’ve watched during its sneak preview at midnight with my dad and my lil sis achiq.
My dad let me decided which movie to watch. Uhu…easy for me. So, I decided to watch KM31!!! They agree and that’s cool.
So, here the synopsis:

After the tragic death of their mother when they were children, twin sisters Agata and Catalina Hameran developed a special skill, a way of communicating without speaking, a link between them. After a mysterious accident on Kilometer 31, Agata falls into a coma. Catalina, thanks to their link, feels the pain and tragedy that her sister is going through at the time of the accident. Following a series of supernatural events, Catalina realizes that their link is stronger than ever and that her sister Agata is screaming for help from her unconscious state.Catalina is now determined to find out what really happened to her sister in order to help her wake up. Nuño, Catalina's long time friend, and Omar, Agata's boyfriend, agree to help her. But they soon find out that not only is Agata in a coma, but she is also trapped between reality and an ancient legend, the legend of La Llorona.
I will not divulge the ending here and spoil the movie for you. So, go watch for your self!! It’s worth it. Coz, I like it!! Heheee…

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