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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Abuya's Day!

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 3:39 AM
When I look at the calendar, I get upset thou. Because father’s day is coming soon and yet, I’m still in a middle of drama with my dad. But I really want to celebrate father’s day like we always did!! We never miss it so I want to keep that record.

YES! I am a stubborn child. I mean, THE very stubborn child. I am still in a middle of protest toward my dad’s unfairness. This is because he is being unfair to me! Ok, let me share something with you…

There’s one shallow morning where I woke up from my bed, I had such a great pain on my neck. Like I almost crying when I tried to raise my hand. That’s how serious it is. So, I went to my dad’s room and asked him to help me send my mom and sis to work but he was refused because he needs his sleep. I told him that I was sick and I can’t move my head but he just don’t care, continue his sleeping.

So, I lost my temper (coz I’m in a great pain). When he came and asked me what happened (in a very high voice), I shout at him! So, maybe he felt that I’m being rude to him, thus he started to hit me. Luckily my mom and sis was there protecting me. Unluckily, still I got a few bruises from that fight! Full of drama right!! Hahhahah!!

Honestly, when I think about it I laugh. Never thought that I will be hit by my dad at this age thou. I mean if I’m a lil child might be rational, but I’m a big girl now. Huh. As for that, I’m not talking to him ever since!!! It is a protest towards his action by hitting me!! Because I am hurt!! Not really physically but inside. It’s my heart that hurts the most!!

So, I went to the hospital to check for my neck pain and the doctor suspects that I have a high blood pressures! Well, it’s my BP (Blood Pressure) reading a lil bit high 140/90. Yes of course my BP will high because I am not emotionally stable (still crying), plus I’m in a great pain doc. Believe it or not, these are factors that will affect BP reading. To be sure, the doctors set me for a 5 days straight appointment to take my BP reading.

In the end, I am healthy.

Seriously, I miss my dad. I miss watching movies with him, playing bowling with him, have good conversations with him, made fun of him with my others sissy, listen to his thought about his business, and eat McD in a middle of a night with him, watching football with him, most of all karaoke with him.

If only he knows that his most stubborn child is missing him.


This child still love her father so much!!

p/s: Be fair. Is it too much to ask? Sometimes a child needs a father words, not a businessman words.

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