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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Experiences Peps!

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 1:42 AM
On my way to the Banquet Office!
Working at Paragon teaches me a lot of things. Especially in life! Believe it or not, feels like home (sometimes).

At first I started doing my part-time job there, I was like stress. It is because, all of them talking weird language to me. I mean, as in my life, I only know that there is a thing that we call plate. But now they talking about a fish plate (big size), and surprisingly, plate already have a babies that we call it as a baby plate!!!! Then, there you are a dinner plate!

So, at first I was confused. Every time they ask me to find those plate in the kitchen, I’ll be like looking at the same thing that we call it plate, but only in a different size.

But, it never stops me to learn you know. I am a fast learner. You can count on me. But please, I still need your guidance to get through this. I’m still in a process of learning the hotel’s language (that’s what I call it).

Thanks to all the permanent staffs that never tired to teach me especially on how to set a table for a Chinese course and buffet. Let just say that, I am happy when I know how to do it. Biggest thanks to the supervisors! They rock my days!

But I love the most, when there are Chinese wedding!! Well, let’s forget how tired you will end up be, but think about ‘what if’ you will get an ‘angpow’ from the bride and groom!!! Consider it as our tips for a good service!

But, most of all I love buffet. Even though the table will get creepily messy, but it’s somehow a lil bit relax compare to Chinese course. No food presentation, no Chinese tea, or cold beverages to be served every time but only warm water that are need to be refill and clearing.

So, when I’m done working on my butt there, I went home with smiles. My legs are tired as hell, but at least I learned something from it. All I need is experienced. So, I will collect my payment on Wednesday/Friday a week after. Then, I went shopping, as a reward for my hard work!!

Truthfully, I love working there. That’s the only time where I can meet with new people. Because most of my time I only stay at home watching TV, play with my babies’ hamsters and my four gorgeous flurry cats!! Easy to say, I have zero social life. Which is that who I am ACTUALLY. So, this experiences, somehow teach me how to blend with other people! Believed it or not, I am trying.

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