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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pups Developement

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 12:38 AM
Casmo + Trixy = Caslyn + 10 pups!!

Ishk….ape mende neh??
Nak kata math, mcam mana nk settlekan?
Decision process kew??

Karut dah lah tue…
Ak skunk nie tgh ckp pasal hamster ak yg kiut miut thp dewa tu lah!!
+++ N.A.K.A.L tahap ilang sabar punya!!! Muahahhaha!!!

Ak dah lama nk khabarkan pada semua, ttg perkembangan makhluk kesayangan ak ni…Cuma tak berkesempatan aje. Cuma kali ni, ak rasa ak ada masa utk paparkan bersama kamu ttg mereka.

Semalam, iaitu 29 Julai 2010,
Trixy telah selamat melahirkan 10 ekor anak yg tersangtlah kecik!!!
(nampak dek umi, pengsan dia!! hahhha).

Ini adalah mereka dihari pertama kelahiran mereka!!!
29 Julai 2010
When pups are first born, they are completely naked (no fur) and bright red (pinkies). They are unable to regulate their temperature. Both their eyes and ear flaps (cuping telinga) are closed, so they can neither see nor hear. They are born with both claws (kuku) and whiskers (misai), but the claws are quite soft so that they do not injure the mother during birth. They have no teeth yet and all they can do is squeak to get their Mom's attention.

Ini pula adalah hari ke-2 mereka!!
30 Julai 2010
Their skin is very thin at this point and you should be able to see their stomachs full of milk. They look like little white beans inside the pups' tummies. If you look at their eyes, you will be able to tell the eye color even before they are open. If the eye patches are red, then your pup will have red eyes, if the patches are dark, they will have black eyes. Their umbilical cords (tali pusat) are still attached and can be seen as small, dry, black segments on the middle of their tummies.

Mereka pada hari ke-3!!!
31 Julai 2010
The ear flaps begin to open on days 3 and 4 and the pups' umbilical cords have fallen off. You will also see a light fuzz beginning to cover your pups. If you are familiar with the colours your breeding pair will produce, you may be able to tell what colours your pups are now.

Mereka di hari ke-4!!
1 August 2010
The pups have also gained a layer offat, and so do not look as helpless as they did when they were born. Their eyes are continually developing and you can now see the eyelids forming. They can be seen as a prominent crease over the developing eye patch.

Mereka di hari Ke-5!!
2 Ogos 2010 (My B-day!!)


Psst!!! Kamu nk tahu tak,Caslyn ak yg kecik kenet tu pun nk bg ak HEART ATTACK dgn selamat melahirkan 6 ekor anak yg tersgtlah kecik!!! Macam mak dia juga!!

Day 1 - 1 August 2010

Day 2 - 2 August 2010
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