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Friday, December 11, 2009


Melodrama of aisyah ar at 3:51 AM
I thought we had agreed with this right?

Then, why you keep changing your mind? At One time you agreed with that and in a minute you disagreed....

I am trying my best to be patience with you and your changing mood and what did I get in returned? Only you being mad at me and keeping your distance?! You know what, this is not going to change anything!! Your attitude, your ego and all, it’s going to ruin my future!!!! You know what, my future!!!!

I am not blaming you for my mistakes. The only thing that I need from you is your understanding. I need you to help me to figure it out!!! Not recall back the past and continuously blaming me every second!. At this moment, I don’t need that. Don’t you understand??? I need a solution. The rational one!!! Is it that hard for you to do?

I hate to turn on your back at this matter, this next step is about my future. You know I need you. Then, why you’re being such a selfish person??? Why?? Why can’t we discuss about it?? Isn’t it so hard for you to do that??

I don’t understand you, for other people, you willing to go there! Even it’s a miles away, just to get near them for a lil conversation about what path is the best for them and you can’t do that to me??????? Why????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am weak in a fight like this and you know it well right….
I am trying my best to make you understand my situation and I guess you’re not listening, and it seems like you just too selfish to have a lil conversation with me without think of other choices. I really don’t know what to do anymore, coz to be the truth, I am mad at you too…to be exact, I really disappointed with you.

So, I give up…..I follow what you want, it’s your decision that’s matter right? Alright then…

But I want you to know one thing…just one thing….
Whatever happened to my future, it is your responsibility….
It is me who going to face the future that you choose. Me and not you…

I guess your ego will make you lose me….well, I guess you already have…

p/s: Don't you forget, I’m still a fighter..

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♫::: m[e]n!t! s[e]nja :::♫ on December 11, 2009 at 12:45 PM said...[Reply to comment]

ape hal la nie...
sabar la...
cube citer...

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