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Monday, December 15, 2008

Control Your Anger

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 7:07 PM
Sometimes, when there is a lot of trouble we facing in one day, we will get mad and depress. Especially, when we get fight with someone that are closed to us. We might think that they don’t understand us. Then, things will get messy. Believe me, It will. I got some tips to share with you, which can make you control your anger.
1: Sleep. This is a very good way. I always sleep when I’m angry at someone. You might think that it is hard for you to sleep when you not in a good mood right? Well, if I can sleep, so are you. When, you wake up from your sleep, your mind will be clear. You can think positive. At least, your decisions are not base on your emotional only, but rational too.

2: Music. Listen to the music that you like the most. Turn it on out loud n sing!! Let all your anger out together with your sing. It’s so much better. You clear your mind already. If you feels like you want to cry, just crying. Don’t acting strong and hold it. You will just torture your feeling. Believe me, when you done crying, you’ll fell much more release.

3: Take a walk. It is very effective to control your anger. When we go for a walk, we will see a lot of thing around us. If you in the park, you’ll see flowers and green scenery. It took your focus already. At least you make yourself comfortable. After you feel tired, sit and think. Trust me, you’ll find a way for the problem.

This is what I always do. I can’t express my anger to my friend. Because, when I’m mad, all the dirty talks will come out. I’m afraid that, they will misunderstand it. The truth is I didn’t mean it at all. I just mad. So, try to control your anger with my way. Then, you’ll be just fine. GOOD LUCK!!

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