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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear ‘BITCH’

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 2:22 PM
You know what, I had enough of all your bullshit talking. You want to drag parents in this matter, go ahead. Coz I’ve got mine too!! I’ll let all know what you’ve done to me and what your brothers threaten me!!

If you want me to stop complaining about your disgusting behavior, you better clean your bed and make sure no more smelly odor from your side!!! I’ve said nicely to you, you don’t want to listen. So, I do the hard way. You’re such ignorance.

You better thank me that I didn’t force you to correct all those lies you’ve made!!! Especially about the money matter! You really have nothing else to accuse me except money huh…pity you.Plus, You said that I scratch your hands!! Huh, you really know how to gain people’s sympathy. You can fool other people, but you can’t fool me bitch!

This has nothing to do with jealousy or what so ever, in fact I know that you were trying to duplicate me and all. In fact, from head to toes, I am BETTER than you. So you think for yourself, one thing that I should get jealous about you. Is it your smelly odor? Is is your cheating Boy friend? Is it your family? (At least, i do have A MOM and i never talk bad about my mom like you did. You should be thankful that you at least have a stepmother, but still you talk bad about her. what kind of daughter are you? huh!!). So, you see, I've got nothing to jealous about you! Nothing at all.

So, you better behave yourself. Cleans your side! And stop those lousy singing. You disturbed me, I disturbed you back!! Try to provoke my anger, we will see who can stand it!
I’ve been silence enough!!!

BTW, those girls do talk you know. Some of them asked me personally what had happened. I know now what’s you accusation towards me. You really such a Bitch! They even said that those seniors also said that your such a lazy person to clean your mess.

p/s: I’m glad that yesterday, you clean all your mess!! Thank GOD! Keep it up that way ya…hmm

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