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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Final

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 3:20 AM

Yeah!!! Trust me, I just finished my 3rd paper today!!
Gosh!!! I am GLAD that everything going smooth…

Well, of course I am the only one who always come 15mins late after the exam already started! Huhuu…

I got Applied Statistics at first, I love this paper coz I kinda master in it…huhuu…

The next day I have to sit for Project Management, at first I thought this paper gonna ruin my day, but then hey…..the exercises that I’ve been doing are exactly what came out….I mean the pattern! Lucky me who hate to memorize things!!

As for today, I got Com. In Biz Decision Making paper to be answered! Once again, I’ve made it through easily….i am relief.

So, now I have to focus on my straight 3 paper started this Tuesday till Thursday! Wish me luck peeps!! Huhuuu…

Gosh!! Calculus II is making me NERVOUSE!! Ghee~

p/s: Good Luck 'Si Tomey'!!! all who facing their final, GAMBATEE!!
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