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Friday, April 24, 2009


Melodrama of aisyah ar at 9:38 AM
I am here wanna express my feeling about this past few days of exams!!!!!

for my first paper was PMM 1013:Entrepreneurship
that what 'Si Tomey' said to me...
he gave me another pink rose just to make me happy
and think nothing else but exams....
I really need him during this time....
"Thanks for always be by my side..."
i know he's worried bout me....
but hey.....I'M STRONG!
plus....I GOT YOU!!!
The exam started exactly at 4pm (I'm a lil bit late...huhu...). But I managed to finished it at 5.30pm round that...(hey, should the exam finished at 6.30pm huh...).
'Si Tomey' picked me up!! Then we're having our break at Santhai and talked about our holiday in perhentian....i'm thrill!!!!!!

P/S: I stay up all night long doing my revision for this subject!

for my 2nd paper was QQP1013:Dec Making Technique
As usual I stay up all night long answered past year questions.
Easy topic but lot's of calculations! Can't be careless even one number!
'Si Tomey' sent me to DMS just to gave me support!!
I'm just fall in love with him again today...
We started quite late around 4.30pm coz there were another groups had an exam in DMS also.
I'm also finished quite late around 6.40pm (hey, it should be the exam finished at 7pm ok...).
'Si Tomey' picked me up!! Then we're having our Jo Cendol.

p/s: It's been a while we didn't went there..

NOW!! I got three days to prepare for my 3rd paper!!!
Gambateeeee YO!!!! Yoish!!

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