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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Not-So-Crazy Bestie

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 4:44 PM
I would like to add this my fav moment.

That particular night, my best among the best bestie call me out of nowhere!! Hahaah!!
Ok....first, we were just talking nonsense, and then we started to talk about ‘Gossip Girl’. So, I was like telling her some of the information about the latest I saw about 'Gossip Girl' but then she went blank! She was laughing and said that I got the story wrong. Then, I think for awhile. How many version of ‘Gossip Girl’ do they have coz I only got one version!! Then she said that Chuck’s father isn’t dead. Then I went blur for a while. Did I watch it wrong, but I do remember the whole story!! Then I asked her what season do she have, she told me she got until 2nd season. Same like me. But the thing is, I got until chapter 17 of season 2 and she only have until chapter 12 of season 2!!! No wonder she don’t know about Chuck Bass’s dad died and about Lily and Humphrey have a son!! Hahahahah!!!

That bestie of mine, she really know how to make me laugh like crap!! YOU ROCK GIRL!!! I MISS HER SO MUCH!! Together, we can do almost everything, because I know that, no matter how bad I went far, she will always by my side to pull me out!!!! Forget to mention that she is also my ‘kipas susah mati’ type of fan on my writings! Wait for my new story girl!! I’m work on it!! BFF!!

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