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Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Day - Part One

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 1:23 PM
When It’s My B-Day...
I never thrill about this day actually. Because I know how it’s gonna be like. Hahahhaha!!

So, just to show my appreciation to those who do remember my B-day..


1st person who wish me

(She call me at 12.02am)

2nd person who wish me

Addy!! (My Buddy)‘Hi, happy bday! God bless n all the best ’
(He text me at 12.06am)

3rd person who wish me

Nazura!! (My Jula!!)
‘Aisyah!eppy besday gal!!tua sudah kamu..hehe..jgn nakal2..blaja rajin2 ye..muga kamu pnjg umo murah rezki..eppy2 n ceria2 slalu ya..
Love N..
(She text me at 12.11am)

4th person who wish me

K.Lang aka Alang (My 4Th sis)
(She call me at 12.17am)

5th person who wish me

K.Uda!! (My 3rd Sis)
‘My beloved sister, happy birthday ngah! Ya Allah.. murahkan rezeki kkak ku ini, kurniakn kecemrlangn akadmik kpdnya, pelihara iman nya, terangkan hatinya agar p’oleh ktenangan dan kegmbiraan, pjgkn umurnya agar bkesempatanmngecapi sgala yg dhajatkn dan dpt menikmatinya.. berkati hdup kakk ku ini.. ya allah. Amin.. he.. luv u angah! Muah2! ’
(she text meat 12.43am)

6th person who wish me

K.Long aka Along (My Big Siss!!)
(She call me at 12.50am)

7th person who wish me

K.Chik aka Achiq
‘Salam,huney,alaAa....lpe nk wish awk awl2...suwie2...hepiw burfDay cyunk ku sis,luv u damM much...b a gud gal k,stdy molex2 na,famie ue jge elOk2...may gOd bless u sweetheart..sweEt 22 sis...muaxXx3!! :-*
(She text me after I didn’t pick up her call coz I was sleeping at 2.37am)

8th person who wish me

Mohd Fahmi (Si Tomey sy)
‘Syggg...Epy besday!! I love u! Epy besday 22!! Love u!’
(He text me at 5.21am THEN he call me at 5.23am)

9th person who wish me

Miera (Si Senget)
(She wishes me after she arrived in UUM at 5.30am)

10th person who wish me

Ariff (My Buddy)
'Hey! Hepy Bufday aisyah. Hope ur life always been great. keep on smiling n stay cute! Hehehe'
(He text me at 2.13pm)

p/s: Thanks to all of you....i'm so lucky to have you guys remember my birthday!!

3 VVIP Readers on "My Day - Part One"

Megumi Shika on August 2, 2009 at 4:54 PM said...[Reply to comment]

pape pun...aku kt top list ko!!!!

Happy Birthday Sya!!!


Lots of love and happinessfor you so you can share some with me!!



iNaMoRaTa on August 3, 2009 at 9:59 AM said...[Reply to comment]

sweet 22..
dpnjangkan umur..murah rezeki..happy2 selalu..success in ur life..
take care..

Adderly Shaharudin on August 4, 2009 at 8:02 AM said...[Reply to comment]

whoa. i'm kinda speechless to find my pic in your blog. it certainly brought a smile to my face, so thank you :).

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