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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nightmares Watch

Melodrama of aisyah ar at 9:36 PM
“Babe...hang out yok!!”
“Yok!!!!!”, tempoh hari ak n my babe, Yati were hang out!!! Kami g mn?

To our FAV spot! CS!!! Or nama formalnya, City Square! Memang ak rindu gler tmpt neh ok!!! tahu, shopping compleks je kowt! Hahhahahah!!

Tapi tu lah, korg takkan faham punya!!! Kat situ, sume yg ak perlukan ada! Alllllllllll in ONE place!!!!! From head to toes!!! Dari dalam hinggalah keluar (IF…… u know what i mean..)

Apa je kami buat??? Heeeeheee...

Puas pikir (kononya..), maka kami memilih tgk cter seram!!!
Amek ko cite 'Nightmare At Elm's Street'!!!

p/s: Rembat seat couple...tutp mulut sesama...n wonder y Freddy tu tak mati2!!! Thanks babe...

Ni minuman WAJIB kami yeh!!!! W.A.J.I.B!!!!

“Choc Milk Tea please....”

Hot Plate Set 2 please!
As for yati, she prefer set 2 but with kuew tiaw!

Window Shopping
Mmg nk window shopping je at first! But…..
I got my self a new lipstick, orange in color!!!
I loveeeee it soooo much!!!!
Catching Up each other life
Having this little chat with her, made me realize one thing about friendship….

U knows what girl friend really means??
They do get jealous to each other charms…
Plus, they Envy it!
But it doesn’t mean that they want to bring each other down…
In order to get what they don’t really have!
But!! They will learn from each other…
How to improve themselves
In order to get what they want!!

p/s: So, I’m saying that I’m glad that she’s my only besties!

Pastu terserempak dgn Hasnah!!!!! (Dia kawan masa sek ren. Dulu. SKTBB)
Oh god!!! Minah tu makin cantik ak tgk!!!! Ak ske tgk kulit dia...bersih n licin gle gaban!!! Putih n tinggi!!! Single???? Hmm....maybe....I dun mmg chantek itu minah!!! Huhuu..dia dah naik pangkat ok….jd supervisor kt Watson CS!!
p/s: Babe…it’s F.U.N to hang out wt u!!! I do like Escada…we should get one for ourself la…
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1 VVIP Readers on "Nightmares Watch"

haniss on May 22, 2010 at 8:28 PM said...[Reply to comment]

kalau gune font besar sikit mesti lagi cun. macam kecik je aisyahh. ;))

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